Extra Shot, Iced With Whip

There’s something about the Starbucks logo that enlightens my senses. Just seeing the green mermaid silhouette brings the aroma of freshly ground coffee to life in my nose. The scent brings me to a place of happiness, my favorite smell. The feeling travels from my nose to my eyes. I see my usual drink: A white chocolate mocha, extra shot, iced with whip. The color is a brown lightened by the milk. The ice cubes dance in the coffee as I walk, drink in hand to class, home, my table. The green straw pokes out of the white, fluffy mountain of whipped cream just so that my mouth can wrap around it. The cup is warm at the bottom from the coffee that was poured first. The top is cooled dow by the ice dumped in just before the whip is spiraled on. At this point, I shake the drink, swirling it around while hot meets cold, meeting at the middle: a cool and refreshing temperature. As I let the drink sit while I work, talk, text, water condenses on the outside of the plastic cup. I pick it up and the cool water wets my palm, making the experience all the more refreshing.

The taste comes next. I wrap my lips around the straw and immediately the flavor takes over my tongue. First, the bitterness of the coffee engulfs my mouth: an acquired taste, but one that I’ve learned to love wholeheartedly. I feel the cold sweetness of the syrup and milk. The flavors mix together to release a feeling of euphoria inside of me. There is a reason so many develop an addiction to this, myself included. The aftertaste of the coffee reminds me of the pleasure I just experienced with my favorite drink, my addiction, my happiness.


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