Importance of Ocean Sustainability

Importance of Ocean Sustainability

Photo: Open-air garbage dump along the coast of Barrow, Alaska
Open-air garbage dump along the coast of Barrow, Alaska

In National Geographic’s article Sustainable Earth: Oceans, the importance of marine life and the challenges it faces are examined. Author, Brian Handwerk, explains how around one half of the human population lives within 120 miles of an ocean and depend greatly on these ecosystems. He describes how overfishing, oil spills, pollution, and climate change are massively affecting the oceans and marine life in them, and that change must begin now in order to save the oceans.

Handwerk is definitely right when he explains how important the world’s oceans are to humans and how we live our daily life. He uses the statistics of 8 percent of the population are fishermen and 3 billion people’s primary source of protein is seafood. This is a clear description of why maintaining our oceans is so important. We must sustainably use our resources in order for us to thrive as a species, and we must make changes in the near future or we have no chance at all of allowing future generations to experience the same sort of marine life as we do today. However, the only way for significant change to happen is for large companies to be done with the greed. The large companies that use advanced fishing technologies to wipe out entire areas of the oceans from certain fish are a huge problem. We’re significantly interrupting an entire ecosystem for one thing: Money. The corporations that still allow for their factories to pollute the rivers, which eventually flow into the oceans, hurt all plants and animals along the way for the same reason. The oil companies who allow for spills and leaks of their product to disperse into an entire bay or gulf have no sense of guilt because they’re still making more money than is even possible to dream of. In order to make the oceans sustainable, we have to fight against the most powerful people in the world. And ourselves. We must dispose of our waste properly in our homes, cities, beaches. Recycle and compost what we can so that no trash makes its way to the precious ocean waters. We need to start cutting the little plastic circles that hold our soda cans together so that a seal somewhere doesn’t get its head caught in it and suffocate. The only way to save our Earth is to stop being selfish, lazy, and greedy and to begin to care about those we haven’t met yet: our children, our grandchildren, the animals we are killing.

Blue Heron Caught In Six Pack Holder

Handwerk, Brian. “Sustainable Earth: Oceans – National Geographic.”National Geographic. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2014


1 thought on “Importance of Ocean Sustainability

  1. I thought that the topic choice is one of great importance to our country. I also think one could easily address the problems that are happening in order to pollute the ocean but it is helpful that you included why they do so. It is very interesting to me that a lot of large corporations use profit as a motivator at the risk of harming our country…sad really.


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