Sustainable Foods

Sustainable Foods

In M.S. Swaminthan and R.V. Bhavani’s Food production &  availability – Essential prerequisites for sustainable food security, It’s explained how essential it is that we use foods that are highly productive and sustainable to feed hungry people of the world. In order to prevent and treat malnutrition, people have to be eating foods high in nutrients, not just empty calories. It is also necessary to be highly productive with manufacturing food for the hungry while also being ecologically friendly. Even though the essay is directed towards people of India and feeding people there sustainably, we can all use their strategies to help people all over the world.

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The problem isn’t the amount of food and water in the world being enough for everyone, but food and water that have the nutrients necessary for human survival are not available to everyone in the world. We can’t just ship McDonald’s the rural parts of India and expect the people to be cured of their malnutrition and poor health. We need to teach the people to farm the most sustainable foods that will give them proper nutrition and they can sell to make more money to get more food. Also, since the soil is what gives food vitamins and minerals, it’s important that the people we are teaching to farm the correct way are using the right soil. Providing good fertilizers can help them immensely.

There is so much that needs to be done in the world in order to help make it more sustainable, and it can’t be done by just a small group of people. More and more have to realize that in order to save animals, other humans, and our planet, we all have to join together to make the differences that will benefit everyone.

Swaminthan, M.S., and R.V. Bhavani. Food Production & Availability – Essential Prerequisites for Sustainable Food Security. N.p., 9 June 2011. Web. 26 Sept. 2014.


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